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The very first Shopify App that showcase your product benefits to boost your sales conversion rate.

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Question about Specify ?

Here is our FAQ 🙂

Specify is the very first app designed to help you increase your conversion rate on Shopify. It showcases your products benefits in order to help your customer better understand how your offer will change his life.

This app was created by CTA Ecom, a Shopify agency based in Switzerland. We have more than 5 years of experience in e-commerce and can't wait for the upcoming 5 !

This app was designed exclusively for Shopify Stores. This means, you will only find it on the Shopify App Store. Once you installed it, all you need to do is pick you theme and click on the one-click installation mode. Then you will be able to design your very own product showcase and start boosting your sales!

Yes, there is a 7 days free trial so you have no chance to make a mistake by installing Specify 🙂

Absolutely, our developers will be more than delighted to help you if you have any trouble. You can send them a message on this page to get a priority support from them.u00a0

We are the very first app to help you displaying your product's benefits on your product page AND home page. All you need to do is choose where you want it to be displayed in the app menu.

We tried to propose the most affordable benefits app as possible. This is why, Specify will only cost you 4.99$/month all inclusive !

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We are based in Switzerland and want to provide you a high quality service to honour our country’s reputation.

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